About The Artist

Alesya Cabral is a contemporary artist who's visionary art style is seen in her art. Her fearless aproach to the new art styles and ideas helps her to create something new, something that you haven't seen before. 

She uses photography, technology, paint and other countless mediums, to create an endless array of colorful artworks that spark emotion. Living on the tropical island and being surounded by beauty of paradise, is reflected in her vibrant art. 

Alesya's artistic vision is seen in her early works. She started out painting portraits, but over time, her work became more abstract, more simplified, but one thing remained in common, is the use of the vibrant eye popping color. 

Her recent art reflects the fast growing pop culture. Living in today's fast-paced world, where everything happens so much faster, social media, technology and Internet. Some of her later Contemporary works reflect just that. Her pop culture art and later digital artworks mirror today's culture and society.

Alesya Cabral is the first artist to create Selfieart on social media, where she uses selfies to create some of her digital artworks. Selfieart and Selfieportrait hashtags have gone viral on social media, it just shows us how our ever-changing society is constantly evolving, inspiring various art styles and different art movements.

Alesya's style is constantly evolving. In some of her later works, she combines technology with art. Her later digital artworks were created by using computer apps, internet and an iphone.  She melds Internet and art as one, eventually replacing her canvases, paper, markers, pencils and paintbrushes, with an iPad and an apple pencil, where she created her latest artworks inspired by selfies. 

For this artist artistic freedom is everything. Her art works are anyone's guess. Alesya is more than happy to let her work speak for itself.

Her visionary style and private persona prompts fascination, mystery and intrigue with consumers and art collectors.

Alesya Cabral's website is one of her many artworks and her art diary. It's here to inspire you, open your eyes, alter your perspective and offer you something new using  her unique and creative voice.